Film by: Alyssa Lucca, Ara Michelle Aranguri, Bianca Beyrouti, Ivan Sunguroff, and Thomas Fisher

The film is based on several artists’ lives and work on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Along with the difficulties of being artists in their country, they display the requisite efforts of sustaining their craft while placing tremendous emphasis on building their community. Some of the struggles that the artists face include: low funding, government corruption, and diminishing art communities. The artists argue that these struggles are what cause the disappearance of well-documented representations of their country’s legacy. 

Trinidad and Tobago’s legacy encompasses historical events, celebrations, and architecture of the land and of the people, which has not been rightfully documented. Therefore, the artists stress the importance of preserving artistic communities to aide the documentation and recording of Trinidad and Tobago’s growing legacy.

This film was produced in a span of three weeks by 5 students with very little fees and equipment.

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